The Desert Rose of Hammars Village

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Turmi lodge, which is located at the heart of Hamer People is a wonderful place to stay and enjoy your visit. The surrounding beautiful scenery and the green vegitations in the compound will add a fresh touch for your travel. The Lodge has 34 Furnished rooms with each beautiful bath rooms, 24 hours hot water, Restaurant decorated by traditional crafts and 24 hours electric Power Available.

Despite being an important transit and tourist hub, Turmi (ቱርሚ) is just a speck of a town. It’s surrounded by Hamer villages and on Monday the villagers, along with nearly every tourist in the valley, descend on the large market.

Hamer women, with their shimmering coppery-coloured tresses, sell vegetables, spices, butter, milk and traditional items like incised calabashes, head stools, metal arm bracelets and fantastically smelly goatskins decorated with beads and cowrie shells – it doesn’t get more atmospheric than this. The smaller Thursday market is almost tourist-free. Turmi is also a handy base from which to arrange day trips to Omorate.


Room Type
King SizeSingleTwinsTent


Complimentary buffet break fast when you stay in our lodge and European and Ethiopian food for lunch and dinner.


34 furnished rooms with each beautiful bath rooms with 24 hours hot water and 24 hours electric Power Available.


Access to free high speed WiFi at the reception

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Professional assistance if you are looking for a tour Service by our sister company Splendor Ethiopia Tours

our rooms

Our rooms are suited with comfortable beds and traditional duvet covers. All rooms have comfortable beds with mosquito nets. Clean bathrooms and 24/7 high speed WiFi.

We also have Camping Tents for those of you who want to stay outdoors


Turmi Lodge hospitality is an excellent example for the industry. I enjoyed my stay there and loved the Hamer People too.
From Germany
The traditional market is quite beautiful and the Lodge provides quality experience for travelers
From Italy
The buffet get everyone closer and i enjoyed the food. everyone seems like family. I will definitely come back again.
From USA